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Thank you for the interest in Sofia Boys' Choir!
Some appraisals and opinions about vocal mastery and artistic qualities of the choir:

A wonderful Bulgarian children choir with a wonderful conductor! Still another mystery of the Bulgarian voices!
Prof. Paul Wehrle, conductor, Germany

The Gods were with us because of the luck that we had to hear the concert of the Sofia Boys' Choir. We are stunned by the precision and the musicality of your interpretations. A thousand times BRAVO!
Claude Pantern, founder and artistic director of the Choir Competition in Tour, France

A marvelous choir! Amazing and breathtaking musicality, so much more impressive for being confident and without any effort.
Dr. Jerry Jordan, conductor, USA

I have never heard anything so beautiful before! This children choir possesses voices of unrivalled freshness and purity. All sing from the bottom of their hearts and place extraordinarily interesting stresses to send their message. The conductor, Adriana Blagoeva, leads them with mastership and musical sense, which are evident in every song.
Claude Telman, musical critic, France

My congratulations for the vocal quality of Sofia Boys Choir! I admire this inimitable sonority!
Vick Nees, composer, Belgium

Marvelous voices, incredible musical mastership, rich expressiveness, sonority of the highest world level!
Nobuhiti Tsubakino, conductor, Japan

I am delighted! An incredible choir!
Jose de Felipe, conductor, Spain

The professionalism of the conductor and the choir make a deep impression: perfect technique and intonation, colorful voices, high performance culture!
Edward Slawik, conductor, Sweden

The sound of the choir is exceptionally beautiful. I was very impressed by selflessness and the incredible discipline of the choir. Every song was performed on a high professional level!
Dr. Gene Brooks, Executive director of the Association
of the American choir conductors, USA

Here we have a group with a very well developed, distinct boy-choir sound! The boys are superbly trained in all aspects of the art, exhibiting clean intonation, well controlled dynamics, precise phrasing, and a beauty of sound which many of the more famous boy choirs can only dream of!
A part of review by Manfred Mornhinweg for CD "Hosanna in excelsis"